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November 25, 2011
By Traceyacey GOLD, Eagleville, Pennsylvania
Traceyacey GOLD, Eagleville, Pennsylvania
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Lady Gaga is so fn awesome she supports us emotionally everyday cause your on the right track baby you were born this way.

A thunderstorm of broken dreams
A crash of lightening killing me
Clouds of rain precipitate
Wetting my already wet face
I am dead but I'm alive
You killed a part of me
Thunder shaken my body
Red eyes hidden by the dark
After we are all apart
Miles away but still it hurts
Face dented downwards
Eyes directed down
Crashes of thunder from my feet
My fist are clenched and purple
My heavy breathes that can be seen
Pictures tossed in the sea
A sword right threw my heart
A sprinkle of danger
A pinch of evil
A nuisance of what shouldn’t be forgotten
Blinks of water tear my eyes
A thunderstorm from all between
The road to far to be seen
All the white is disappearing
All the lace is being ripped
My dreams were cut up and sliced
What happened to when I rolled the dice
My hands are empty
My heart is full
Thunder attack my soul
Your evil unfolded
Your beauty slaughtered
All that is taught is gone
What I held close has disappeared
All I have wanted is nothing
Which is a tough thing to understand
My hope is shattered
My hope is battered
My breathe is heavy
My tears are many
Speared by the break of dawn
The isle was deleted
Your heart was misleaded
The day is never ending
And I will not be pretending
The lies will never stop me
The truth is what will halt me
The day may be as crisp as ever
The night as light as a feather
The tragedy of what is lost
The sad game of how it was forgot
Why can’t it be found
It was lost upon the ground
Thy thunder crash
Thy lightening roar
Wishing things could be more
Though they are not
Which is why were here
Like a dear in headlights
We have to fight for our own lives
With not leaving who we are in the past
Though things will change and rearrange
Leaving us left to die
Thunderstorms of broken thorns
Dartboards as if face
Lightening crashes snapping arms
Delicate angels burned
People who have been ruined
Buildings that have been destroyed
Feelings that have been evaporated
Things that never existed but could
Things we dream that could come true
Though this will put an end to you
Your face will fade out of my brain
No influence you shall have anymore
I have been forced to let go
The thunderstorm too hard to hold
Where was yesterday
Where is what I want
The future doesn’t sell it anymore
Perfect endings never happen
Daydreams that were never meant to be
A chance to regain power may it be
A source of victory to be won
A empty space to take up
A river to be filled
My tears will refill the river
And I will let my heart grow bigger
People always help you
Even if they hurt you
Lightening catch the trees n fire
Lightning binds together metal
Even though it may be subtle
Houses ruined then rebuilt
People closing all the doors
Sort of like all the wars
Things to won
Things to be lost
Though that is just the cost
Thunderstorms tear things up
They ruin everything and don’t stop
Wonders of nature
Things that never happen but do
Nothing that you can undo
Things of the future
Are not in your hands
Sometimes we don’t get to plan our plans
Destiny may be distraught
And other things may be brought
Lights of fire on the street
The boulevard slipping away from me
The waves of fire surround me
Rings of death appear near me
Nothing will ever be lent
Because all of it was given
No more hearts to be poured out
No more dreams to be aloud
Though things may change
Forever is the game
Even if it may be lame
An end is a beginning
A beginning an end
The torture of divine grace
The sun that shines
That we abide
The thunder that crashes
The lightening that thrashes
Things that have been named sacred
People forever hidden in the dark
Things may be forced to change
Though why did you rearrange
Why is lightening from your hands
Why is thunder from your feet
Please stop this madness
Please accept forgiveness
You are the one that makes me tired
Set off the fire
Stop the desire
Continue your thunderstorm if you please
Though you will never have a part in me

The author's comments:
there is alot of symbolism used in this imagination is key to understanding it. i see this a picture waiting to be painted.

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