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December 1, 2011
By babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
You lied, and I cried. You're a jerk, so I was hurt. You're a
deceiver, But I was a believer. Sorry I wasted your time, I guess?

I feel like I could cry
A thousand tears
But not one of them
Could bring you here

I feel like I have been stabbed
In the heart
As it lays on the ground
Crying for you

I’m not as strong as I was
I’m broken
I have been shattered
And I have been bruised

I may look fine on the outside
But look on the inside
I’m dying in here
I’m crying as you walk away

My heart breaks with every step you take
With every word you say
Want to know why
Because they are about her
And not me

Hearing you say you love someone new
Tears me apart
I just got cut
I curse you cupid
For making me fall this deep

Why choose me
Haven’t I hurt enough?
Please tell me why
Did it have to be me?

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