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I don't understand

December 8, 2011
By babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
You lied, and I cried. You're a jerk, so I was hurt. You're a
deceiver, But I was a believer. Sorry I wasted your time, I guess?

I can dream of you,
Yes that’s fine,
I can think of you,
Yes that’s fine,
What I can’t do,
Is be with you,
Sorry no that’s not allowed,

How can one,
Be so in love,
Yet be so far away,
At the same time,
That’s just something,
I just don’t understand,

We were so happy,
Just so in love,
We shared so much,
Now you’re over there,
I’m over here,
And we are losing a lot,

My heart
Is slowly breaking
As tears sneak out of my eyes
And I quietly cry
So nobody hears me
Because I don’t want them to know
About the pain I hide inside

The author's comments:
Slowly feeling pain from a break-up, i usually don't feel until days after we break up.

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