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December 29, 2011
By Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
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You walked away
And avoided my gaze.
What happened to those clear blue eyes?
Why don't they stare into mine?
We used to be madly in love.
Why did that end?

I feel so alone
Without your shoulder
To lean on,
Without your heartbeat
To reassure me that you're real,
Without your laugh
To bring a smile to my face.

I feel so alone
Without your love
To keep me going,
Without your words
To make me laugh.
Without you
I can't go on

I miss you so much.
I feel so alone.
Please come back,
I beg of you to return.
Though the whole world and I know,
You never will.
So I guess this is goodbye.

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