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If Life Were So Simple

August 27, 2012
By ImagineBlueRoses SILVER, Derby, Kansas
ImagineBlueRoses SILVER, Derby, Kansas
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Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead.

If life was so simple,
But then again, it's not;
That we'd start to remember
The things we forgot.

And time would give us time
To fix our mistakes,
And know it'd always end well
With the chances we take.

We wouldn't have to wonder;
It'd be as plain as could be.
We wouldn't know what worry was,
‘Cause there'd be no need.

And dreams would always come true,
No matter how big or small.
We'd never give up and
We'd laugh when we fall.

Love would be untainted
Pure and unscarred;
We wouldn’t hurt each other,
We wouldn't cause others harm.

And you could stand in the rain
To blow a gentle kiss,
That'd land on the cheek of
The loved one you miss.

We wouldn't be judged
And we wouldn't be alone;
Everyone would be happy,
Have a family and home.

Hands would hold hands
Instead of knocking down.
And we'd like to work hard
Build things up from the ground.

Empires would rise,
No kingdoms would fall;
There'd be no more wars
No bloodshed at all.

No hero's eyes stained
With permanent blood,
No soul hopelessly broken,
No tears causing floods.

And when we must die,
Because I still think we would,
We'd close our eyes and smile;
Just like we should.

If life was so simple,
Maybe frowns wouldn't exist;
And we'd always smile,
If life was as simple as this.

The author's comments:
We certaintly do not live in any near-perfect kind of world. However, this poem paints a vivid picture of what it might be like if we did indeed live in a perfect world.

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on Aug. 30 2012 at 2:06 pm
I love it!!! Good job Megan. You paint such pretty word pictures :) -Jaycie