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Poem for You

December 12, 2012
By Head-In-The-Clouds GOLD, Bath, Other
Head-In-The-Clouds GOLD, Bath, Other
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I wish I was a glow worm, a glow worm's never glum.'Cos how can you be grumpy, when the sun shines out your bum!

When you're sad you look to the sky,
but sometimes you look down below,
you worry about other people,
and you want some people to die.

You are a great friend, very fun,
you are very caring and kind,
we have our fights and our differences,
sometimes we just want to run.

You tell the truth, most of the time,
especially when you shouldn't at all,
you have been a great friend,
and now i hope you like this rhyme!

Just because friends leave and go,
doesn't mean i will go too,
I will stay by your side,
and never ever say no.

You like to eat late at night,
but who doesn't like a midnight snack,
you think that your tunnels are dark,
but at the end there is always a light.

You wonder why it happened to you,
everything piled on top of you,
I'm sorry I couldn't help you,
but in the end we will get through, me and you!

I tried to help you with your problems,
but sometimes just made them worse,
there is always one that doesn't help,
almost like a problem goblin.

You listen to those close to you,
even if you don't want to,
you always choose the right path,
even if you have a boo.

So to end the poem i have to say,
I love you to bits you're my BFF,
whatever happens I will be there,
I hope you always choose the right way.

The author's comments:
This was given to me from my best friend. It's almost a comedy poem but there is some serious stuff in there that really does mean a lot to me.I just wanted to put this on here so that I could see some responses.

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on Feb. 13 2013 at 3:00 am
thatunknownthing DIAMOND, Dubai, Other
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift; that's why they call it the present"

this seems a honest poem, i remember writing something just like this for my dad some years back. but, the rhyme seems really irregular, and at someplaces you've tried the sentence too hard to get thr rhyming scheme right. it's not flowing too well, but yea, it's not boring, either. 3/5!

Becky1998 said...
on Dec. 19 2012 at 1:27 pm
woo! i love this poem it seems to describe you perfectly! <3