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Prison of Deceit

July 26, 2013
By oceancitygirl BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
oceancitygirl BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
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You do not have to live in this lonely little box

Built by foreign hand but cemented by your own

You do not have to deck its outer walls with bronze locks

Tossing keys into the sea so you are even more alone

Turning pebbles of imposed thought into definitive stone

You do not have to let the sinewy vines grow wild

Entangling your mind and suffocating your dreams

You do not have to intensify and exacerbate the mild

Submitting to your own abuse and torturous regimes

Thrusting your little box into the torments of the streams

You can cut through the vines and be free of their clutch

Exposing the lurking demons, now retreating in defeat

You can make the stone collapse with just one simple touch

Crumbling into cobblestone beneath your callused feet

Leaving a lovely little road out of this prison of deceit

You do not have to listen to their pointless talks

Refurnish your mind with the warmth of authenticity

You do not have to live in this lonely little box

Pierce through its bars with the diamonds of felicity

Open up to the stars and find the beauty in simplicity

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