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And Then He Walked Away

October 10, 2008
By xxjosiexx143 SILVER, Lexington Twp., Maine
xxjosiexx143 SILVER, Lexington Twp., Maine
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She stood by the window
Face twisted in pain
As he walked away
Through the cold, pouring rain
He kept walking and walking
Then suddenly turned
She looked in his eyes
His face mirrored hers
He mouthed three tiny words
She couldn’t hear
He touched his hand to his heart
His eyes filled with tears
She started to cry
And ran out the door
Into his arms
So she could kiss him once more
He gave her a hug
And told her he loved her
He held her so close
They’d never been closer
He gently pulled her away
Looking into her eyes
Told her that now he had to tell her goodbye.
She shook her head no
Told him to stay
But he just gave her a kiss
And then walked away.

The author's comments:
I know most girls have had their hearts broken before, so they can relate to this. It may be sad, but it'sa as true as life itself. Guys can be harsh. So girls... make sure you pick the right one before you fall in love.

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Cierra H. said...
on Oct. 27 2008 at 6:53 pm
Wow, you're a good writer too! From the best writer in the North West to the best in the North East!