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Going Home

October 8, 2008
By kmathew PLATINUM, New City, New York
kmathew PLATINUM, New City, New York
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Going Home

A week of packing to go home
each day brought more joy and excitement
the countdown began
Memories started to come back
and joy filled my heart
I’m going to my

The night before was sleepless
anticipation and excitement
filled my heart
The lack of sleep made me think of the great times
back in the days when I was home
The enthusiasm to get there and get started
on re-living my past took control of me.
I’m going to my

It was time to leave and be on a plane
so I could get there as soon a possible
Hurrying through everything
although I knew that it won’t help
I got onto the flight and waited for take- off.
Then it took off and I waited.
Each long hour reminded me
of the great days I had as we flew.
I’m going to my

The flight was endless
There was meal after meal
and it seemed like that was all we did.
Am I going anywhere?
The blue sky was the same.
Then I thought of my days cloud watching,
fishing, and boating.
Then I saw land
It looked much different.
I thought “Oh, I’m just dreaming.”
It must have always been like that.
Stop worrying, because
I’m going to my

The flight landed and I rushed out.
Everything looked different
Where am I?
There was violence and turmoil at every corner
There was hatred and cruelty.
Was I in the right place?
It can’t be!
Then I saw my uncle.
He looked troubled and when asked why
He said nothing but, “Open your eyes”.
Then I saw were I was
I was not at my

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