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October 9, 2008
By secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
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Laying under the prairie sky
So far away from Kansas
Laying next to the blue-green lake
With him by my side

His golden hair
Spread around him
His eyes open wide
Staring up at the color
The same as his eyes

My black-brown hair
Contrasting his
My dark brown eyes
The color of dirt
Looking down at the ground

In our silence
We are sharing things
We dare not and don't have to
Say aloud
Things like how he'd never leave me
And how I could never leave him

Even if I wanted to leave
To that place so far away
I could never go without him
It'd hurt too much that way

The author's comments:
Every thing I write is either based on my fantasies and dreams or based on real life. This particular poem just happened to be a wish that I know will never come true.

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