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I'm Over You

October 9, 2008
By secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
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I’m happy to say
I’m over you

You have no idea
How many times
You broke my heart
Each time I saw you
With the girl of your dreams

I wish I could say I found someone new
But you left me empty inside

I can’t find anyone
As good as you
But I pity you too

You’re stuck in the world of your past
Loving the girl
Who once loved you back

You need to grow up
And find someone new
Get over me
Like I got over you

It’s been almost a year now
And I’m as happy as can be
I found someone else

But whenever I see you
I remember those days
I see all the pain on your face still

I wish I wasn’t the cause of your pain
Although I know I am
It’s all the pain of that day
But it’s not just me
You did it to yourself, too

Please get over me
Like I got over you
I’ll only say it once more…

The author's comments:
This one really happened...I wish it didn't but it did...I wish I hadn't hurt him so badly but I did...but then again, he did it to himself, too.

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