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Winter Lovers

December 9, 2013
By leeatschool GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
leeatschool GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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"Its time to forget all of our differences, all of our arguments, all of our disagreements, to work towards a common goal to protect our future."

I see you from across the room,
Our eyes lock before june,
When summer showers dash the lands,
And flowers are held in little girls hands,
Our love is broken like a pot,
No matter how much we hope its not,
love was there now its gone,
Just as the yearlings were once fawns,
Lovers Now, Take a Bow,
As our loss is felt greatest by thou,
Cradled Be Your Blessed Heart,
Mine lost to you, not very smart.
I bid adieu to your soothing touch,
Thought of Now as Just a crutch,
No longer bound in Lovers grip,
How apropo as justice tips,
Lost forever to history books,
Collecting dust in spacious nooks,
Don’t forget to watch God’s plan,
Us together never again,
So Jessica I Love You, But you're not my wife,
So watch your back as crossing me isn't nice.

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