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A Worm

November 3, 2008
By Francine PLATINUM, Arden, North Carolina
Francine PLATINUM, Arden, North Carolina
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You watch a worm squiggle in the puddle
While there's thunder pounding in your ears
Or maybe it's just fear leaking out from your brain
Pouring into the water with the rain

Where are it's eyes and it's ears and it's lungs?
Does it have a heart or a soul,
As it squirms for it's life in the murky puddle?
You stare at the dark water Swallowing it's light pink skin
With the bugle in the middle that Holds all his important things

He, yes he looks so pale now
Yearning for lost the saftey of Buryying himself away
Now he is covered
And he begins to sink
He stops moving so much
A worm on the brink of death

You scoop him up with your pale,
Cold hands
The water drips
From your stubby fingers
And he is saved, he is liberated
The sun begins to shine
And you hold him to the light
Twisting him around
And looking at his insides

You are infuriated with rage,
That he finds his happiness by living
And it is the only thing
That drives him
So you throw him far away
Beneath the beautiful grass
Safe from hungry birds that prey
On his fragile life
And he digs, he digs,
He digs his life away.

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