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Silence Is Everything

November 5, 2008
By rmfinn GOLD, Hampshire, Other
rmfinn GOLD, Hampshire, Other
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Don't tell me you can hear it.
You can't.
Noise is just a way of filling a space; of making the world make sense.

Make sense?
But it doesn't
That's right.

Because you can still hear the noise.

Beyond sound is a silence. A silence so severe it takes you away. It makes you different. It makes you...

Change was what had caused it.
Change started it all. She knew it had.
One day her eyes opened.
And then it was never the same again.

Seeing unseen sights.
Knowing unknown things.

A peripheral vision beyond anything they could explain.

Science had no answer.

Her numb body felt warm against the muddy floor and the world was underwater. The sky let the rain fall like angels. Each one on her face a reminder that she was still alive.


No one is meant to know too much - with knowledge comes danger. And she had seen that danger many times.
They had tried to make her talk, to make her hear, to make her react.

But to no avail.
Like a shell she had stayed.
She didn't mind.
She didn't mind.
Why share the wondrous horrors of the world with them? Why tell them the truth they do not want to hear?

Don't do it.
Don't break.

Do you want me to tell you?
Do you really want to know?

They would never believe her anyways.

Feeling a pulse, a vibe was how it was done. A confusion. Messes of colours and glimpses of other worlds.
Nightmares of other faces.
She wondered if they could see her too.
And dreams of ending it all.

Don't do it.
Don't break.

The rain fell harder.
The feeling was gone.

Eyes open, glassy like marbles, dull like coal.

The eyes of Silence.

I can tell you about other dimensions. I can tell you the workings of the universe. The secrets that nobody knows. The hidden things that nobody told.
I could tell you everything.

Don't do it.
Don't break.

The life was draining.

She fell.

Suddenly, jerkily but smooth, like it was meant to happen. The skeletal cloaked arms sweeping her up and on. Wrapped up in it all.
Spinning. Hurtling.
Drifting. Flying.
The knowledge of the world flying around her mind.

Don't do it.
Never break.

I could tell you everything.
I know it all.

But you don't.

You don't want to.

Never break.

Just falling.
I am falling.
Silence Is Everything.

The author's comments:
This peice was just a quick idea I had and I think can be interpreted in different ways by different people, so I'd be interested to hear what people think of it!

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peaston said...
on Nov. 12 2008 at 5:55 pm
omj rachey this is amazin its so cool hehe i voted yeyy