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What He Did That Day

November 19, 2008
By secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
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He walked up to me one day
He asked if I knew "pen spinning"
I told him I'd teach him when I learned how
We became friends that day

He called my name one day
He asked a question I couldn't hear
He repeated it and I understood clearly
But I couldn't believe his words...
Did he just ask me to "go out" with him?
He made me anxious that day

He walked by my classroom one day
He saw me sitting in the front row
He caught my attention
Making a heart with his hands and pointing at...me?
At the end of the school day,
I saw him again
He gave me a big hug
So fast I couldn't react
Then he was gone
He scared/worried me that day

He found me this morning
He talked and made me laugh
He made me happy
He played my stupid game
He clung to every word I said

He was a gentleman this morning
He pulled out my chair for me
He treated me like I was the queen of the world

He waited for me this morning
He lingered after class
He followed me out the door
He turned to me and asked if I wanted to "go out" sometime
I told him
No, I have too much to worry about right now, I'm sorry
He said okay and left

He walked over to me this afternoon
He wanted to say something to me
But I was listening to someone else
I saw him come but it was too late to say anything
The teachers were yelling at us to take a seat

He made me happy
and guilty...
And I will not lose him as a friend

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