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Joey's Poem

November 20, 2008
By Francine PLATINUM, Arden, North Carolina
Francine PLATINUM, Arden, North Carolina
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I feel so helpless now
my love so far away
and I'm struggling with this poem
to make these feelings sound
as true as they feel
and I remember your smile
bringing me to life

last night you watched me sink
you couldn't look away
I remember your voice
singing me to sleep
just to dream
of days spent with you

does a person have to try to love
or does it come
built in our bodies
like the sadness
that washes over me

we are for eachother
like the sky is for the stars
we are for eachother
like a baby for his mother's arms
I think it's very dangerous
if we do not take what's ours
I'm winning you with words
because I have no other way

I want to know it all
but I'm giving you the lead
so go on and take it
don't secound guess your feelings
you were right from the start

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