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December 18, 2008
By secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
secrets20102 GOLD, Missouri City, Texas
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Time can change a lot of things
So I’ve heard it been said
And I believe it to be true

I used to dream
I used to dream that he’d come to me one day
And tell me that he loved me
That he loved me as much as I loved him

But now I know it cannot be
Now I know
He may have liked me before
But now he doesn’t
Or so it’s been said

If I had been a moment sooner
Only a moment sooner
Might we be together?

But no…
I am one that suffers silently
I bask myself in his presence
Hiding how I feel towards him from others
But showing everything I feel for him to him
And only him
Hoping he’ll see some of my feelings
But only hoping does nothing

Now I suffer as I realize I must move on
Move on to someone else
I need to stop causing myself this pain

Time will continue to go on
So must I too
I know how time works as well as anyone

Time can make you fall for a fictional character
It can make you lose the love you had for someone
In only three weeks

One day
One day can change a relationship
A small mistake
Such a small mistake can become a major turning point
Or it can even end the relationship

Give it a few months
It will be as it never even happened
Oh, people will remember
But they,
The two of the relationship,
They will try hard to forget
To let go of pain
Although they may never succeed

Time can make you lose a great passion for something
Something that you have worked so hard for
Gone in the blink of an eye
Because you no longer care
Or because you have found something better to do with your life

A split second
His only chance to kiss her
To kiss her and not care that the whole student body might see
If he had done so in that split second…
She would have kissed back

Another split second
And she was gone
Her hair could have slapped him in the face just as painfully as a hand when she turned
As she ran after another boy
Yelling angrily
But secretly exploding with delight
But neither boy knew that

Her secret lover grasping the air where her arm once was
Right before she ran
Longing to hold her in his arms again
Even if it was unexpected

But, alas!
These are only the dreams of a girl who believes herself in love
Time cannot change what has passed!
It can only change the future

The author's comments:
you may wonder what the picture has to do with this poem...time: it can wear away mountains, it can shatter a relationship, it can take away the people you love, it can wash away a footprint on the beach. time can do anything if you let it. my favorite part of this poem is the last two lines: "Time cannot change what has passed!
It can only change the future"

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