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I Remeber When

December 28, 2008
By ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
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We have had
The good times
And the bad
We have been homeless
We have been sad
We have been happy
I'll always remember
That every night
We had Daddy Duty
Where i could feel
And you
Kissed me
First apartment away
We had a
Mattres on the floor
Where we could sleep
I remember
When i started softball
You would play catch
With me at the park
Then take me for
Ice-cream when
We had nothing
I know everything
About you
And you know
Everything about
I remember
When we would wrestle
On the couch
I remember
When we didn't have T.V
Because there was no money
For it
Thats okay
Lets play Yahtzee instead!
I remember when
I had the chicken poxs
And you took care of me
And when i wanted
Itch cream at
You took me to Hyvee
I remember when
We lived at grandpas
Because we had know place
Else to go
And we would just play cards
And you slept on the
I remeber when
You and me sang
"Baby Girl"
By "Sugarland"
Just the other way around
And i'll always remember when
You said
"I Love You"

The author's comments:
This stuff really happened and here are some things if you were wondering what they were
Daddy Duty- Thats when my dad you tuck me in every night
The first apartment- When my parents spilt and thats where he lived where he didnt have anything

and yes now everything is alright we have a roof over our heads and he has been re-wed

I wrote this for him on his Birthday

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