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August 2, 2015
By GwennyBird17 BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
GwennyBird17 BRONZE, Southampton, Pennsylvania
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Take me away as I lay still, crying

Take me far away from here

Take me where the sun is shining,

And the coarse, loud thunder disappeared.


Where a rainbow peeks through the coal-dark clouds,

And smiles instead of tears are allowed

Where all hatred is lost within one another's love,

And my head remains looking up above.


I need shelter, which I must find,

Not right where I cannot see

Yet it is still within my mind,

And to that I no longer wish to believe.


In the corner of my eye, I picture nirvana,

When straight ahead, is all screaming and blood

I am numb in all angles,

For every once-lasting drop of energy is now completely mangled.


"Dreamland" I thought,

"I want to be there"

Dreamland, I sought,

Forever calling upon, "The Kingdom in the Air".


I shall hold onto every wish from a dandelion,

Or maybe an attempt to keep my sadness in

To stay strong, or give up,

And Face an everyday harmony, ever so abrupt.


Dreamland may be my future home,

If I choose to call it that

I could travel there all alone,

As I release from my past.

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