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January 27, 2009
By rmfinn GOLD, Hampshire, Other
rmfinn GOLD, Hampshire, Other
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Listen, can you hear it?
It's the sound of silence
It's the feeling of rejection
The notion of failure

I've tried and tried again
I guess the stars just weren't in line
This time
Maybe a new day will bring
New opportunities

Taking a breath is harder now
So I'll leave behind the
Reminiscence of my mind
For them to choke on
The skies are getting darker now
My light of tomorrow
Is waiting in a box
For someone to come along
And open.

Fly away and into the sky
I can breathe so clear up here
I'm surrounded
By it all.

Maybe one day you will see
I'm everything I ever
Wanted to be
They won't get a second chance
To give
That chance

Dreams have taken over me.
So I'll leave behind the
Reminiscence of my mind for them to
Choke on.

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