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War Can't Bring Peace

January 27, 2009
By OliviaGrace SILVER, Rancho Cucamonga, California
OliviaGrace SILVER, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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The little boy walks down the street

Watching people cry as they try to fleet

Little boys and men killing everyone

For a war started that juat can not be won

He looks up at women weeping over her boy

He was only ten and his heart destroyed

And to his right he see's people pray

Near the church that was blown up yesterday

He grabs a girls hand and sings real loud

'War can't bring peace, peace is sound'

Everyone stops to see what occurred

But just saw a little boy who wanted to be heard

He looked at them and started to cry

As the girl let go with no reply

He wanted them to answer but know one did

So he spoke 'the innocent deserve to live'

Nothing but blank faces filled his sky

So he spoke 'we are all brothers but we take eachothers lives?'

Anger flushed over his face

He thought to himself what is wrong with this place

Just when he was about to walk away

A little boy soldier said to him 'wait!'

He turned around to hear the boy say

'I believe there will be freedom today'

The little boy's face was covered in a smile

As they walked down the street so vile

They chanted 'war can't bring peace, peace is sound

We need hope for freedom to be found

The innocent die every day

But god can help us we need to pray'

Again and again the chanted this song

Until all people joined with confessions of wrong

So Now Two little boys lie hand in hand

One a soldier and one now a man

Because speaking up for freedom that one day

They knew that death was the price they must pay

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem after I fasted for this foundation called Invisible Children, a foundation devoted to the children in Uganda who are forced into a rebel war. Though this poem is fiction, I wrote this so people may get an idea what is going on in other countries. If people are aware of these events, they may be inspired to help these kids in Uganda.

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