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January 28, 2009
By fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
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Where are my hands?
My memory gone
The voice from my tongue
Is forcefully strong

Look in the mirror
New face, same eyes
A world of deceit
Enshrouded in lies

Time has flown
But did I have fun?
These horrible changes
Can they be undone?

A sound from the hall
Beating but soft
Walk to the door
Pray stay aloft

Fuzzy recollection
Plan encoded in mind
Voice beyond the door
Shouts of malign

Familiar, but different
Like a forgotten song
The boy dares to enter
But could he be wrong

A vision of past
Or so it seems
A face only lit
In his brothers sad dreams

The author's comments:
Goes with the story of the same name.

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