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Sea Salt

January 28, 2009
By Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
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The island we live on has many ups and downs,
But the calm, reassuring ocean brings many peaceful sounds,
Water and sand are abundant in this place,
With all the wonders to discover it brings joy to my face.

As I walk outside and breathe the fresh salty air,
The wind swirled through my sun kissed hair,
With sand between my toes I looked back with a smile,
Before I turned to arrive on the scene with style!

The massive palm trees stand firm with amazing undiscovered features,
They provide a great thinking spot as well as shade for all creatures,
When construction comes in building things piece by piece,
The splendor and charm of the island starts to decrease.

But the beach is alive with its own sea of girls and boys,
Swimmers, surfers, and sun tanners contribute to all of the noise,
With all of the commotion its easy to lose sight,
Of the natural beauty this island reveals with so much delight.

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