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Love Sonnet

January 29, 2009
By Adam Gotlin GOLD, New City, New York
Adam Gotlin GOLD, New City, New York
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My love is like a fat kid with some cake
It eats and eats and always asks for more
But not all love is something one can take
It'll tease and tease and trap you with its lure
So why do we all suffer from love's spell
Entrapped inside a cage with no escape
We reach out for someone we wish to tell
But love ensnares us all just like scotch tape
Maybe cruel love is a good thing after all
It's warm it's pure it makes us all happy
And those who say 'no love', I do appall
For they are blind to love and can not see
So now I ask if love is dark or light
No matter what you say your answer's right

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