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February 1, 2009
By Jasmine11010 PLATINUM, Arkansas City, Kansas
Jasmine11010 PLATINUM, Arkansas City, Kansas
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For some reason I keep looking up to the stars. Looking like I wanna be up there with them, but then and only then I will have my head down to the rest of the world. No not because I'm sad, but because I would wonder if I really wanna be looking down. Why not up? Why not neither? Why don't I try something new? Something I haven't tried in a long time. Why not look forwad. Looking for what tomorrow will bring me. I already look back and it did me no good. Why not just shut my eays and let my heart guide me. But then my head would disagree. I will know in my head that this is not right, not right at all but in my heart it will fell like the most amasing thing ever. So what do I do? I ask that question everyday. Maybe I need to ask a more open question. Why? But why what. Why am I even writhing this or Why don't our hearts agree with our heads? Why do I look up to the stars. Why don't I look down at the earth? The one that I'm living on. The one that lest me live. The one that gave me life. But then again it was not the earth but God. Why cant i see him. Again anouther why question why don't I just stop asking why and answer it with a because!?! Because everything happens for a reason. A reason that we might not know but someday will find out. That's why I look up. Up to him and the stars that one day will guide e insted of my heart.

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