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Mother Earth

January 6, 2016
By meechykeen BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
meechykeen BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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My voice sends soaring pines to the sky, and
Mountains to their knees
The curve of my lips imitate the clouds
That ride with the breeze

The slope of my shoulders make the valleys
That spread across land
My hands that sculpt the wildflowers fields
Flatten dunes of sand

My hourglass shape counts down the minutes
Hours, days, and years
My thighs and calves stretch endlessly, like the 
Dark that holds no fears

I’m the force that shakes the earth when I speak
The power in touch
I’m the key to the great unknown, though they
Say I am not much

My body is written in the landscape
My skin speaks the truth
You speak my songs and I give you my wealth
For you are my youth

The author's comments:

If you can feel that Mother Earth is in you, and you are Mother Earth, then you are no longer afraid to die.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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