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March 8, 2009
By okeydokey SILVER, Cle Elum, Washington
okeydokey SILVER, Cle Elum, Washington
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i get to school, and you're standing there
listening to music; i can't help but stare.
you open your eyes, and i'm transfixed
just from seeing you, i fill with bliss.

you see me, blush, and turn away suddenly.
i blush too, but i still look at you.
i wish in my ehad that you and me
will one day be together, for all eternity.

my friends say i obsess over you,
i never deny it, but i can't tell if it's true.
trust me, i can't stand to be away.
i literally search for you every day.

i've never felt this strong of a emotion,
and i'm not sure if it's real.
but for now, i care only about my devotion.
baby, you fill me up like a huge meal.

i didn't know if i would survive. before you said no, i thought i was on fire.
but a little while later the full blast hit,
and i have to say i considered crying.

eventually i got over the big impact, but i still love you.
yeah, you heard me. my life practically revolves around you,
and my friends were right. my love for you is true,
and it always will be.

my friends say i obsess over you.
i accept it now, i know it's true.
i never try to be away
and i still strive for you but i know it's ok

because it's true that as long as i know you
i can promise that i won't be blue.
so if you could do for me just this one thing,
please baby, just stay my friend.

yeah, yeah, baby. just stay my friend.
my friend.

The author's comments:
this is one hundred percent true.
well, it used to be. he and his friends have started teasing me because i like him, but that's not going to make me stop. i dont' know why, but it just took one look at him, one time for him to talk to me, one time for him to smile, and one time for me to fall in love.
god, love is addicting.

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Anjo! SILVER said...
on Jun. 8 2009 at 6:59 pm
Anjo! SILVER, Roseburg, Oregon
6 articles 0 photos 211 comments
wow! i even love your poetry!! you are freakin awesome!! keep writing!!! i want to read more, again!!

tashia SILVER said...
on Mar. 19 2009 at 2:52 am
tashia SILVER, Cle Elum, Washington
8 articles 0 photos 4 comments
Hey, this is pretty good. and true. yes over 100% true.