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A Seasoned Life

March 9, 2009
By Smokey_Jay SILVER, Collins, New York
Smokey_Jay SILVER, Collins, New York
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Winter is harsh even without its snow
I hate the silent violence when its ten below
The wind will eat at you when you're outside
To avoid this you layer up and hide
I wonder when the warmth of spring will be coming back
Maybe if I cover up, take a nap, and pick up slack
Will spring come soon because I could really use its warmth
To light the fire and heal my wounds its practical to come forth
But life goes on and so will I
And I'll live it up until the day I die
So who will take the fall when all is gone
And winter is the only thing that carries on
The weight of our mistakes and poverty
And gives its pain to all of thee
Its all a cycle of joy and pain
The seasons share it with snow and rain
The world will make it through together
It doesn't matter about the weather
Just as long as we keep peace and live our lives the best we can
We will be happy for the time we're here on this land

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