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The Light of You

March 9, 2009
By Smokey_Jay SILVER, Collins, New York
Smokey_Jay SILVER, Collins, New York
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The pain has come back to life
Within my heart there is a knife
I can feel it turning
As fates grip of death is slowly burning
I hear your voice inside my head
I can't take back what I never said
The fire dims to just a shimmer
But it will not die because I miss you
The world rotates far to slowly
I fell in love & now I'm lonely
I'm tired from fighting what I feel
If I quit my wounds won't ever heal
The bruises are never ending
My love for you is forever pending
I hope you grow up & know the truth
Its not to late to live your youth
I want you to have the great escape
I hope you remember our winter break
Your in my heart until yours comes round
And when it does I hope to you I'm bound!

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