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March 19, 2009
By Alex9193 GOLD, Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania
Alex9193 GOLD, Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania
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Shhh'we must be very quite

Step'step'creak'very slow

Because this will cause a delight

That just might wake everyone tonight.

Just a tiny bit more

Crunch'crunch'trudging through the snow

For off we go with a smile to explore

Why they call this man the Jolly old fellow.

Shh'we don't want to wake our parents

They will never believe us

Since we saw the man with presents

Because they are hopeless.

For they no longer believe

That you can see Santa

On the special, special eve

Not even our imaginative mama.

Well I know I have to grow up
Because we can't stay a kid forever.
But I'm going to believe in Santa,
For when we grow up and live in the reality of this world, we lose Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and more, all along with our imaginations, we lose the beauty of innocence, and the beauty of trust, But for now I'm going to believe in Santa because Santa never dies when you believe in him.

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