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Death and Reborn

March 19, 2009
By BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
BillyJoeBobKellyGeorge PLATINUM, Gardena, California
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Black petals strewn
Across the sidewalk
Addiction waits impatiently
Gripping his clenched fists
Droplets form
As he pierces his skin
Insistent dagger in hand
The moon falls
The stars twinkle
The night sky fades away
Daylight blinds his dark eyes
He walks away
The light follows his every move
It stares him in the face
Droplets form
Instead, tears descend like waterfalls
Down the valleys of his cheek
Daylight embraces him
As she carries him forth
He smiles as
Sorrow drains from his body
The trembling dagger slips out of his hands
The very dagger
never to be used again

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