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Life Saver

March 26, 2009
By Ryanlj BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
Ryanlj BRONZE, Alexandria, Minnesota
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The day begins
more of the same
I take the blow
Still no one came
Although its hard
I take the shame
And stand here firm
so you have the fame

I could stay silent
hide in my mind
search for happiness,
I never find
I remember some
from those who are kind
but that was distant
now I am too blind

My life full of sin
a majority hate
the names I got
makes me fell like waste
I can't go on
there is a tall gate
it won't ever open
I came too late

The light is fading
I soon won't see
The end is nearing
I get to my knee
Finnish my prayer
and fall like a tree
adrift in the ocean
lost at sea

But help came to me
a friend who cared
Helped me up
when I was impared
gave me hope
when I was scared
But the past is real
and I hope I heal
my life can be crazy
I just hate reality

The author's comments:
a poem i decided to write while i was thinking of how life is and how it shapes us all.

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