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April 2, 2009
By Mara Bower-Leo SILVER, Portland, Oregon
Mara Bower-Leo SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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For a instant, let’s all let go
Of the fear and tension that surrounds us
Making a web that can only be blown away
By self-acceptance

For a second, let’s all embrace culture
Respect the beliefs and appearances of others
Instead of bringing an ax of words down upon them
Like we do or have done

For a minute, let’s do our best
Do more excellently than excellent
Redefine the scoring process
And care more about the quality than the number

For a day, let’s all let go of rules
And search for things beyond gravity and lines
Grab the things that one can’t grasp
And change the future with our minds

For a week, let’s all love
Beyond reasonable commitment
Let’s lay our lives on the quivering line of our existence
And experience the crazy feeling of being mad with love

For a year, let’s all be ourselves
Shed our protective lies, and as for our outer shell,
Break it, and throw the pieces, like Frisbees, far away
And reveal our real self, our pure heart

For forever let’s live past the limit
Searching for the locked door of the unknown
Ripping it off its hinges, searching for meaning
Searching for all reason, searching for ourselves

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece of poetry for a school poetry project.

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