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A Trip To A Circus.

April 3, 2009
By QUiTO;; BRONZE, Camden, New Jersey
QUiTO;; BRONZE, Camden, New Jersey
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Mr.Ring Leader are you prepared to go on?

Yes sweety let me put "them" where they belong

He steps out in the center where everybody can watch

Clothes slightly torn he takes a sip of his scotch

As he signals to the extremely stained curtain

An array of beings step out one Confident and one Uncertain

They begin to present an attempt at a trick

But Uncertain stood there as still as a brick

The Ring Leader requests someone to assist

But Frustration stomps out and balls up his fist

Pride cheers them to take Confident to his defeat

But Hope steps on stage and forces them to retreat

He explains to the raging audience that this was a mistake

But between the ears and behind the eyes of this person Hope nor Confident could control the outbreak

The audience charges through the eyes in the form of tears

And through the mouth in the form of profanity that hasn't been spoken in years

Uncontrollable emotions in the path of no true purpose

We all hold emotions like this in our head in the form of a circus.

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on Dec. 1 2010 at 7:28 pm
UndiscoveredStar GOLD, Spokane, Washington
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My heart is my own but your free to change that...as long as you can take all the hurt and troubles that come with it.

Sound Stupid When It's Typed, But I'm Speechless. This Is Great!!!

on Jun. 23 2009 at 6:22 pm
LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
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Whoever laughs first has the sickest mind.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Why isnt anyone commenting on your work? It's too good to be not commented on! (if that made sense...) i think it's very good!