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“The Lone Cry Of The Wolf Part:2”

August 28, 2011
By EmmanuelGonzalez GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
EmmanuelGonzalez GOLD, West Orange, New Jersey
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"Never Give Up, Never Back Down." - Anonymous

Walking up towards the light, I find my self as a pup.
Looking at my mother like she is my white knight, as I ball up.

Days feel like weeks for this small Lupine.
As I only travel within each moon light.

Nuzzling the sky gently with my muzzle.
As I figure each howl like a puzzle.

Years go by and I become an outcast.
I’m so different I was outclassed..

I run away like a frightened herd.
As my muzzle touches the sky as I slurred.

As I close my eyes cuddled into this white covered cloud.
As I remembered I shall be proud.

Dreaming about these paths.
Scenes being remembered, as I am filled with these wraths..

As I lay on this cold ground.
Hearing a strange sound.

I look up at the sky.
As I feel my fur getting dry.

Feeling the sunshine arrive.
As I the feeling makes a great Strive.

Hearing a female’s gentle howl to her route.
As I raise my head preparing my snout.

This might be the harmony in that Rhyme.
As I see I can try for my love this last time.

Waiting for a response I prey for the wolf spirits.
As I know I am willing to go past my limit.

I wag my furry tail.
As I feel like a powerful male.

Knowing I am right she answer with light.
As I am at a glorious succession of flight.

We meet on top of the midnight scenes..
As her glorious self gleams..

We start the new chapter of my life..
Hopefully to get that wife…

To be continued…

The author's comments:
This is the continue of "The Lone Cry Of The Wolf". This is story of the lone wolf who seeked love and peace not hate and power..

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