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My Two Moons

February 2, 2012
By ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
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My two moons, one made up of darkness and one made up of light. Both very beautiful, in their own right. They were my true loves, and always will remain. Deep in my heart, where nothing may stain. The one of darkness, I fell for first. She is also who hurt me the worst. The one of light was more gentle and kind. She is the one that really felt right. All the time that we spent together, I thought that it would mean forever. But I guess I was blinded, in my own mind. Our love was just a loneliness, which we shared together .You said you wanted me always by your side. Now I know why it is that I try so hard to hide. After it was over, and we walked away. I didn’t think I would ever meet another who could take your place. Then I met her, the one full of light. She drug me out of that darkness and into her marvelous light. I felt joy again, and no more gloom. Because she filled that space where you had made a wound. My loneliness was gone, at least for a while. Because you were there, making me smile. But then, you left me too, and I fell right back into the gloom. Now, both of you are gone from my life, and I have to ask myself. Will I ever love again? Or will I ever even care again? But no matter what happens to me in my life I will always keep you here inside. Even though you left me broken like this, you will always be here shining through the mist. Here you are, and will always remain, my two moons, lighting up my dark nights and shining through the falling rain.

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