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Just A Simple Marionette

February 2, 2012
By ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
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there is nothing to fear except fear itself

as i wade through this ocean of regret and memories. i slip and fall all over these bodies. i look at faces that i once knew. i wonder how they got so cold and blue. i ask myself, 'what did i do? why is it that i withdrew, turned my back and let them fall through? why is it that i fell deaf to their cries? that i came to despise those pleading eyes?' i look at them, at who they were to me. i say, "i remember him, we were friends, once, as close as could be." i move to the next one, down the lines of memory. i touch her face gently, she was my family. i look around, into everyones eyes. i think to myself "i wish they would arise." then i fall down, and begin to cry. the ocean tides continue to drift on. they chastise me for being so unwise. as we begin to pass through the lies. through all of the disquises, surmises, and implies. i look to the skies and scream 'why! why?' i look through my tears at the faces i now fear. i wonder how this happened in less than a year. it happened so quickly, i had no time to think. i was a fool, thinking i was being so cool. now i see my mistake. the place where i made that final break. i became a puppet, controlled by the world. a victim to the jeering of my peers, and the pushing of my fears. i was a marionette, on the strings of a master. but i have cut loose my strings, torn loose from my chains. it was far too little, far too late. so now i set out to make it straight. on this road to revenge i now travel. once my masters, now soon will be baffled. i will paint these pages red with their blood. as it pours from their bodies and pools on the floor. the streets will be washed in red. just as these tears of mine can no longer spread. i was used by them, mistreated and abused. now it's their turn to be torn from their friends. i do this so they may never mess with me again.

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