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The Two Bards

May 25, 2012
By Karamel PLATINUM, Gwinn, Michigan
Karamel PLATINUM, Gwinn, Michigan
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We was trav’lin’ along an’
’e says to me,
Think we’ll make it?
I glance at the ’orizon
red as his love’s lips
an’ I says to ’im
We’ll do well enough, lad.
Keep on, I says.

Them cliffs look ’arsh,
says ’e.
I peer down, an’ there’s the
roilin’ surf, angry like
a battle among the breakers
stain’d red,
horizon colored.
Keep on, I says.

Thar’ll be no rest this day,
says I.
Don’ bother me, ’e replies.
Me younguns’ll be waitin’ for me
return. He eyes me quick like
a flighty sandpiper.
Sun’s dark, says I.
Keep on.

Ahead there’s wind among
the grasses, sea wind…
Sea wind, I says, ’ll blow ya
from the cliffs an’
fling ya seaward.
’E shrugs. Wind don’ bother me.
Keep on, ’e says.

An’ we do.

The author's comments:
I hesitated to add this poem to my TeenInk account because I wasn't sure if you would understand the Irish accent the two bards are using. Please feel free to rate and comment, and if you don't like this poem, please leave a quick comment telling me why, and what you would change about it. Thanks for your help!

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