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Conflicting Ideas of Love

October 24, 2018
By cat_the_creative GOLD, Austin, Texas
cat_the_creative GOLD, Austin, Texas
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All endings are beginnings


I tell him I’m broken

Don't bother

I cannot be fixed

He wonders if he caused this

I slowly shake my head

Then clench my eyelids shut

As a tear falls down my cheek

And chaos begins to erupt

I don’t have the motivation

I dont have the energy

To escape

This bed keeps me safe

Keeps them all out of my head

Memories that cut into me like a rusty pair of scissors

I am thin as paper

I am not worth a second thought

Save me please

“Go Away”

Stay with me

“Leave Me alone”

I need you

“Stay Out Of It”

I hope you say you won’t


I will break if you’re not holding me together

Inside you know there is something wrong

I am not the same girl you met

How does he know I am crumbling

I am spiraling

Barely hanging on

I need you

Hold me

Keep it all away

Make them...

“go away”

Tell them I need them desperately

“Leave Me Alone”

Do they miss me

“I don’t care”

Have they noticed I am gone

“I don’t need your help”

I need you to help me get these demons out of me

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