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April 1, 2019
By gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
gymnast_gabby4 GOLD, Providence Village, Texas
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I am the unwanted

I am the disgrace

One slip up,

And I’m a mess

A disappointment

A mistake

A mess up


I used to be wanted

Until the other came

Then i was tossed

Into the street

To live by myself

To fend for myself

To defend myself

Do everything

By myself

The only thing they notice

Is the mistakes

My failures

I am a mess

I try my best

It’s not good enough

It’s my best

But not the way

THEY want it

Trying my hardest

To get them to accept me

I wish i was wanted

I tried my hardest,

But not good enough


I was only 5

I was inside

Being ignored

“Play a game?”

I waited, for hours

No response

I walked my little feet

Back into the game room

I asked again

This time later

No response

I wasted time,

Thinking they would care

Telling them

how i felt

Being shut down

Every. Single. Time.





Names I didn’t know..

They were bad

And to think

They cared

I brought this

On myself



“They care”

“They’ll come back”

“They still want me”

I was wrong

I was neglected

I just wanted to play

I am now 14

I still haven’t played that game

Thinking they cared,

Thinking they wanted to play

They didn’t

I lied

I lied to myself

Hoping they would see

My pain


Crying myself to sleep

They don’t care

I bet they never noticed

They never saw

What they did to me.

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Miaharold said...
on Apr. 4 2019 at 12:05 pm
Miaharold, Kolhapur, Other
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It's such a powerful poem. Loved it.
Would u mind checking my poem ' the unfulfilled dream '
It's in the recently submitted section