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Until Death Do us Apart

April 9, 2019
By Elo SILVER, Robstown, Texas
Elo SILVER, Robstown, Texas
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Since before I could Remember it’s been me and you

Memories so vague so sweet, thoughts so wild in peace


I could’ve never imagined the future without you

I could never cosign to oblivion our time together


Every day I think about me and you, you and I

The soundness of our laughter conceives me with a gay smile every time, alone

How could we once live together as one? But apart we have no choice but to evanesce forever

This martyrdom feeling plagues my mind for my cries and screams evades the heavens, while you never reply

The agony in my heart won’t let me sleep this tormenting feeling has me wetting my sheets, alone

You gave me life but yet I took Yours You were my alter ego I would never Ignore

I want the universe to know I loved you more, praying the laws of attraction might bring you back alone

I think of you at night, morning and day and never of you I think not, you warm my heart a beautiful hue together we create equinox

Alone Alone Alone I think of you, you were my only weakness

Right now I can say you live on because you are forever in my thoughts, until the day I die the day and can no longer think a thought I love you so much

Until Death do Us Apart, My friend.

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Lulbabycrys said...
on May. 6 2019 at 9:46 am
Lulbabycrys, Desert Hot Springs, California
0 articles 0 photos 8 comments
One of my favorite ones. It's my favorite because I can tell you really deeply love and care for who you wrote the poem about. Your feelings are raw and its beautifully written ❤