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April 24, 2019
By Elo SILVER, Robstown, Texas
Elo SILVER, Robstown, Texas
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Favorite Quote:

Lost within or lost without

Time seems to last forever

From the beginning till the end

Nothing is something what can’t you comprehend

Born to be more Made to be all

If time last forever, there is no beginning or end

Maybe time doesn’t exist?

The sprinkles of stars in the night sky I count

And I measure the blank in between

The blank was once nothing turned into something it may seem.

Did The Birth of the universe come from absolutely nothing?

The stars shine so Beautiful and Bright

The blank turning out to be the perfect canvas

The stars shine as if to tell us “we were here all along just waiting to be unleashed”

Nothing to something, Nothing somehow created everything

17 years ago I was nothing no soul or life at all.

The Birth of a child is as magnificent as the birth of the universe, from nothing to something I came as if I’ve always been here just waiting to be unleashed.

The author's comments:

Females are responsible for the whole human race. They should be worshipped and praised. Common sense would tell you that you can’t get a man without a woman that just tells you they were here first and its scientifically proven that way back in ancient times there was nothing but women who gave birth to other women without the help of any man because men didn’t exist back then. A female creates all of our energy/soul out of nothing. Its Amazing creators have been here all along. They deserve more then what we give them. They are our creators and they bring our one of a kind soul out of nowhere. Think about it.

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Lulbabycrys said...
on May. 6 2019 at 10:09 am
Lulbabycrys, Desert Hot Springs, California
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You're a gift to the earth and i actually believe you are. 17 years ago on August 24th the world was blessed with someone as special as you. You were waiting to be unleashed. Your presence here was meant to be and im so glad I was one of billions to experience who you are personally over these past months. And if you think about it I've known you for almost a year and a half i think. 😏❤