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A place to call HOME.

May 8, 2019
By Elo SILVER, Robstown, Texas
Elo SILVER, Robstown, Texas
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Where I grew up was not that freindly

Muder Betrayel Tears

Where im at right now isnt much better

I could never really enjoy my innocence i grew up very fast

I just want a place where i could be myself 

Where I could enjoy myself and be at peace

Where I could smile and be wierd and still be loved

Where I could open up my heart and not get hurt

Where I could close both of my eyes and get a good nights sleep

Where I Could feel my mothers love and not have to worry about being perfect

Where I truly can be embrassed 

Where I could not be slandered and killed

Where I could be myself

Is that to much to ask for? 

I know that it is

I just wanted a place to call home.

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