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Looking Down

May 21, 2019
By ChloeChang BRONZE, Stanford, California
ChloeChang BRONZE, Stanford, California
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I remember

The quiet space

Where we played underneath the trees

I remember

Climbing the up redwoods

Branch after branch

Thirty feet above the ground

I remember

We were told not to climb

“Because you will fall”

But we climbed anyway

I remember the smell of those trees

Clinging to the trunk

Breathing in sweet, sappy dust

I remember

Strong branches beneath my feet

Holding me up

I remember

The pain from the splinters

And scrapes from the hard wood

Yet the feeling of sadness

When I had to climb back down

I remember

Leaning into a blissful breeze

You could only feel up in the trees

I remember

We climbed the trees

Until they cut the lowest branches

I remember

They told us to get out

Because we were hurting the trees

I remember

The feeling of being yelled at

Knowing I had done nothing wrong

I remember

Once they cut the branches

We still tried to climb

But we were too small

I know

I could climb now

But I’m not the same

I’d be afraid to fall

I haven’t climbed trees in years

I just look up at them now

But I remember

Being up in the sky

Looking down on everyone else

The author's comments:

As I was thinking back to my youth, I've realized how so much has changed through the years. I loved playing in the trees, and it seems like such a distant memory now. I wrote this to embody some part of my younger, more adventurous life. Being young and unafraid is something I don't want to forget.

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