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Girl Knows How To Party

February 7, 2020
By junoscorner SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
junoscorner SILVER, Northbrook, Illinois
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"No one's gonna catch us now."
-Cavetown, Devil Town

Her name was common 

But she held her own way

She did her own tattoos

She knew just what to say

She cursed like a sailor

And liked to party

She made easy friends

And everything went her way

But that's not what she saw

That's not reality

Her beautiful persona

Her sassy sashay

She looked at herself

As though in disgust

She hated her home

She thought her family hated her guts

She partied all night

And all morning she cried

And when she got home

She was in for a ride

I met her one day

One snowy afternoon

I asked what her name was 

She sang a sweet tune

Her voice sounded like honey

Her breath smelled like Mary Jane

I wish I could help her

Find her own way

But one day she'll see

The beauty in her

And she'll stop all the parties

And all the curse words

She'll sing her sweet tune

With a grin on her face

A real one this time

She knows her own grace

I said goodbye to her that day

Maybe forever

Maybe for a day

But what I know for sure

The girl knows how to party

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