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Many Masks

October 6, 2021
By Dragonrider16 GOLD, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
Dragonrider16 GOLD, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska
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Many masks 

thats all I see

I am one of the many

who is a mask wearer

I put on the many masks

to blend in

to stand out

but never to be myself

for that would be dangerous

a sin for the maskless

I want to be free

yet I always wear a mask

not just one

or two

or three

but more than 50 

that is my story

and my safety

you will never see me

who I truly am

for I have a mask

and I hide behind it

away from all who 

might hurt me

this is my story of being a

masked person




I am only a mask of many other 

masked wanderers

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem to describe my own experiances and those of other teens out there with the feeling of hiding behind a mask. I shout out the message be free and rip off the mask. I wish I had sooner and now that I have, I invite others to get rid of their masks' and finally breathe.

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