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Gravity like my mother

January 19, 2022
By Elenazhang1010 SILVER, Wallingford, Connecticut
Elenazhang1010 SILVER, Wallingford, Connecticut
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Gravity holds me down, 

tethers steps on the ground

To everywhere I am found.

Every tictoc of the clock


She protects me like a shield

Avoiding the unknown,

pressing down when I fall.

Maybe that’s why I can’t soar 


Sometimes I wish gravity had been gone

So I could fly unbound and heedlessly.

There are many places I wish to be

I yearn to feel weightless and free


It will always be in her nature 

to hold me down,

And it will be in mine

To defy.

The author's comments:

To my mother whom I love for her compassion and care. Through the years of my teenage defiance, we've went through a mountainous journey of arguments and reconnection. This poem is decidated to her. 

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