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April 15, 2022
By __rileybea__ BRONZE, Waikoloa, Hawaii
__rileybea__ BRONZE, Waikoloa, Hawaii
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Breathe in. Breathe out.

The world is moving, changing, going on, attempting to find out

It’s reason for life

It’s purpose for strive

Seeking to alleviate the crashing tide

Of the weight of the world that it carries inside

Burdensome, heavy, shameful, must hide

Its failures too great and victories too small

A proof of its life being of too much anguish for all.

But wait. 

A distant memory, a fading thought.

A love so deep, drowns out all doubt

Of the shackles and failures bound with disgrace 

As a flash flood of love unchains the mistakes.


Life is not something chased after with haste

It’s a love so unfailing and so full of grace.

It’s a sacrifice given from he who remakes.

So breath in. Now breath out.

And this time without the doubt. 

Your shackles are lifted, your burden is free

No longer a slave, your life is made free.

The author's comments:

Hi, I'm Riley Bea, an artist, poet, and Christian who loves to express my thoughts and ideas through creative pieces. I'd love to connect with you on instagram @__rileybea__ if you're interested in getting to know more about me or my work!

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