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Why We Fall

April 28, 2022
By cmariej GOLD, Buckeystown, Maryland
cmariej GOLD, Buckeystown, Maryland
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J.R.R Tolkien

We are your feet

You may think us to be simple limbs

Obeying your every order

Stepping where you want

Moving as you please


But we have a life of our own

We hear your orders and choose to obey

We follow your movements

Stepping on safe ground

Moving with grace

All for your sake


We are bruised, blistered, burned, and broken

But we do not mind

All that matters to us is supporting you

We keep you on solid ground


But sometimes we do not do as you wish

Sometimes we misstep

Sometimes we trip

Sometimes we fall

But we know that your hand will always be there to catch you

After all, they need some of the credit sometimes


Other times we fall for someone else

You may begin to criticize us

Be we know it’s worth it

It is always worth it

Because falling for someone

Is the best kind

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