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The Void

June 16, 2022
By Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
Julietteeee_ ELITE, Monroe, North Carolina
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A void dreams about being heard, about being something other than a endless nothingness, dreams about being something and not just left here to manufacture wings out of tears and broken dreams

A void thinks about being happy again But to hold onto things loosely so when it leaves it wont exit so painfully

But if this pain and these memories are all that you have left to remember, then never regret the scars you hold, it thinks about holding on for a little longer

A void remembers the memories and the pain, the little things, a void remembers the look in the eyes of the hurt lost souls who drift away into the endless nothingness

A void forgets every time he has ever helped someone and everytime he gave in, everytime he stopped something, and everytime he let something go.

A void tells us to believe that they are a friend, led us to believe that we never will make it out, led us to believe that they would always be there but when you stare into the void 

Slowly but surely 

You become the void

The author's comments:

I wrote this because I had so many emotions at once and I didnt know which one to feel at that time.

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